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Project Management

Whether you need assistance in managing a project comprised entirely of third party software engineers, or a combination of third-party and corporate resources in one or many development locations, JDS Management can help keep your projects running smoothly. Our experience enables us to:
  • Simplify the chaos of a complex project - we can present, manage and report on difficult projects in ways that are clear to all participants regardless of technical background.
  • As an engineering leader and architect, we bridge the gap that sometimes exists between business needs and technology so that everyone is aware of risks, trade opportunities and current status.
  • Manage/lead multiple projects/sub-projects at the same time.
  • Accurately estimate tasks - through years of experience working with a range of engineers and tracking tools.
  • Organize/sequence projects for both technical progress and delivery of functions in the earliest possible time.
  • Ensure project delivers against requirements.
  • Surface issues in a timely fashion.
  • Coordinate consultants, employees and other third parties across organizational boundaries where needed.