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Too often, functional requirements and needs analysis are constrained by assumptions that are dated or never appropriate in the first place. These assumptions can be business related or technical. One of the first steps in our process is to enumerate assumptions so that even if they are all valid, the costs and benefits of keeping them can be highlighted so appropriate business and technical decisions can be made. This step is critical to all the steps that follow in the development process. Some of the function analysis/needs services that JDS Management Software has performed include:
  • Review of existing business and technical requirements.
  • Collecting input for generation of Requests for Proposals/Quotation.
  • How to leverage existing systems - evaluating existing systems to see if the can be modified to meet new market opportunities or meet new customer requirements in original domain.
  • Evaluating vendor responses to Requests for Proposals/Quotations.
  • Writing Requests for Proposals/Quotations.
  • Cross organization interviews and analysis as input to requirements.
  • Formal survey development and data analysis of results.
  • Analysis of which standards apply/matter and which do not.