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Engineering Leadership

A highly effective engineering team needs not only, technical leadership, but also leadership that can bring unity to the effort through:
  • Effective communication of project/product goals/vision.
  • Development of efficient and effective processes without limiting creativity or progress across the entire development environment (build, release, systems engineering and test).
  • Establishment and maintenance of excellent communications with external organizations: documentation, training, field support, sales and marketing, and where appropriate, the customer.
  • Development of effective teams, from engineer recruiting and selection for an entire team, or just the one additional person with technical skills the team lacks.
  • Effectively integrating new members to team, sometimes in geographically diverse organizations.

The organizational leadership skills above are insufficient if there is not a strong technical basis behind the leadership. JDS Management Software brings a successful history of technical innovation and on-time delivery with a number of services:
  • Translating high-level design to functional and system specifications.
  • Working with engineers to translate functional specifications into powerful, consistent, intuitive user interfaces.
  • Excellent analytic skills for task duration/planning and ongoing management.
  • Excellent analytic skills and depth of experience help maintain progress while keeping as many technical options as possible open in the many decisions that are made day to day in the process.
  • Management of multiple concurrent development efforts (sometimes they are a combination of short and long-term).