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Architectural Design and Review Services

An effective architecture should be created with a clear understanding of, not only today’s requirements, but also requirements well into the future. Without this basic information, improper and costly trade offs will be made. This is why we also offer services that develop clear requirements and/or review existing ones.

Review Services

  • Architectural Reviews

    Architectural reviews of existing systems

    - many systems are created for one purpose and then evolve to meet a variety of other needs. JDS Management Software offers an independent analysis of the technical, financial and other considerations for the continued evolution of the existing architecture versus a new approach. This second view can help even well established organizations make better, more timely, and cost-effective decisions about which approach is best for them.
  • Review & Integration Consultation

    Third party software reviews and integration consultation

    - whether third party software is already part of your architecture, or something you contemplate, an analysis of the alternatives and their impacts on your system can be beneficial, whether the system you are working with is brand new or has already been subject to numerous changes over time.
  • Architectural Evolution

    Architectural evolution of existing systems

    - once a decision has been made to extend an existing system rather than create a new architecture, we can provide analysis and information about how best to evolve an existing system.
  • Vendor Assessments

    Vendor Assessments

    - many organizations find it cost effective to out source some or all of their architectural and design/engineering work to third party vendors. We provide an independent review of this work and can make suggestions about how best to integrate input from multiple vendors to your system whether they are developing new code or have ‘off-the-shelf-components’ for sale.
  • Middleware Consultation

    Middleware consultation and other key building blocks

    - we have experience building systems with some of the most common middleware and database systems. We use this experience to make recommendations for components in your new system, or upgrade existing systems for greater performance or integration with other system.
  • Object Model Review

    Object Model review

    - a good object model is an essential component of the architecture and design of modern software systems. JDS Management Software created and led the development of many systems with complex object models. This experience helps in the review of your systems so that suggestions are based on implementation and operational experience.

Design Services

  • Architectural design of new/proposed management environment and applications

    - our years of experience leading the architectural development and design of systems from leading edge service deployment, fault, and power quality management systems at large utilities to award winning capacity planning and performance management systems have prepared us to help on any scale project that requires architecture and design.
  • Skilled with UML and related tools

    - UML has become a common tool for software architecture and design work. We have over 10 years experience developing systems with a variety of UML-based tools.
  • Reliability, performance (including distribution), security/access and redundancy

    - designing a system with a specific set of functions is just the beginning. Modern control and management systems have significant requirements for reliability, performance, security/access and redundancy. It is important to factor all of these in during the design. Together, they can represent more work than the basic functions.