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Third Party Vendor/Contractor Coordination

Whether you are planning a minor enhancement or a new major initiative, we can help create a vendor-neutral process in the preparation and review of key technical documents and responses to them. We can help ensure that you get full answers to the questions that matter most. Over the years, we have:
  • Helped collect information and requirements across and organization for Requests for Proposals, Quotation or Information.
  • Helped write and review Requests for Proposals, Quotations or Information ensuring that key issues are well representative in the documents so that vendors know what elements are most important in their responses.
  • Provided thorough analysis and review of responses to Requests and collated information for presentation and review so that effective decisions on vendor/product selection can be made.

We can also act as an impartial consultant and your representative with your vendors after the proposal process is complete, or in the case where work has already begun, we can work across all vendors and organizations helping to ensure your technical and business vision is maintained and realized in the software project.