JDS Management Software

Where the Smart Grid and Internet meet ...

While the Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used in the bulk generation and transmission domains have been refined over many years, the smart grid represents a new set of unexpected challenges for these and other management systems found in this segment.
  • Bi-directional flow of energy from sources not previously considered..
  • Variability of both load and generated power from renewable and other distributed sources.
  • Need for much more data outside a generation and transmission facilities normal range of sources such as types of demand and generation capability (and type) at utilities and their customers.
  • Requirement for more integration of information with external systems such as utility or third-party demand response systems.
Many of these concerns are new, while others share common elements with systems from other environments. By brining experience developed over years to bear on these new challenges, JDS Management Software can help transition to a more distributed and integrated management environment.