JDS Management Software

Where the Smart Grid and Internet meet ...

Over the last 20 years, the principal at JDS Management Software has led the requirements analysis, design, architecture, development, testing, documentation, and deployment of numerous management systems for devices and systems of all kinds for both device and management application vendors. Examples of these systems include:
  • Service Assurance Software - software that verifies not only reliability/availability but also performance metrics of an application through a distributed network - end-to-end.
  • Fully Integrated Systems - systems that managed devices from multiple vendors for all the FCAPS functions.
  • Device management software - software for equipment from a single vendor - both the embedded software as well as dedicated management applications.
  • Policy Applications - Policy based software for a variety of devices including bandwidth managers and general configuration software.
  • Provisioning Software.
  • Security/Web and other infrastructure management systems.