JDS Management Software

Where the Smart Grid and Internet meet ...

In many respects, the IP and Telephony worlds have merged and a wide range IP Services are offered by traditional telephony companies. As Video on Demand, VoIP and other services have continued to grow, these companies, whether they are the ‘carrier’ or the vendors providing products to the carriers, have required assistance with IP management software for devices and systems that manage them as well as the ‘back-end’ systems they must integrate with. Over the years we have helped companies in this segment by:
  • Developing strategies for management protocols such as TR-69, SNMP and others.
  • Developing strategies for evolution of existing management systems.
  • Recommending and designing architectures for the managed devices.
  • Developing and pursuing strategies that most effectively use outsourced/offshore engineering resources.
  • Evaluation of current third party software in use as well as alternatives.
  • Engineering recruiting, team building and leadership.
  • Creating innovative applications based on customer input.
  • Survey and collection of customer requirements.
Operational experience at a CLEC helps bring a real world approach to all these tasks that ensures solutions match the need, now and int the future without adding cost.