JDS Management Software

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JDS Management Software is proud to partner with other organizations that have unique skills that can be applied to our customer projects.

Management Frameworks, Software and Security:

SNMP Research is the premier vendor for the Internet Standard Management Framework that is ubiquitous on IP based devices from the smallest devices to routers that power the Internet backbone. We have collaborated on many projects from standards efforts to new management application environments, device management for third parties, and approaches to managing the security/administrative framework for management environments.

Security Architecture:

Serissa Research has an extensive background in security from application environments, middleware, operating systems and others. We have worked with them on a number of projects including most recently a security environment for secure management of energy information across the Internet.

Management Software Implementation:

Ellision Software Consulting provides software consulting and implementation expertise across a range of areas concentrated in management. We have worked on a range of projects from complex device management to application design.