Utilities are concerned with many projects involved in rolling out Smart Meter technology. Some have seen the opportunities to reduce both capital and operational expenses as Smart Grid technology is added to their distribution and other systems. This is one place where Internet technology can be used to produce significant results. JDS Management Software had been involved in a number of projects that developed applications that used Internet technologies as a key part of their infrastructure to:

  • Deliver power quality management information to their operational personnel in real time.
  • Provide fault information so that unnecessary ‘truck rolls’ can be eliminated and resources focused where they will produce the best and fastest result in the event of a failure.
  • Management systems that monitor the communication infrastructure on the distribution system and report in real time and in other pre-determined intervals key information about performance and reliability.

All of this data is of reduced value if it can not be integrated with the rest of the utility operations. That is why we continue to be involved in efforts to standardize information elements across domains so that if and when effective, widely accepted and deployed standards emerge, our clients will be ready to take advantage of them. Until then, we will focus on providing flexible responsive systems that can adapt.