Strategic and other consulting services are available to clients that have historically been in the IP management domain but would like to enter the Smart Grid market by leveraging applicable skills, technology and other resources previously offered. Some of the services we have offered include:

  • Market assessment of the Smart Grid environment - is this a good opportunity/time to enter?
  • Technology assessment of requirements for this market.
  • Assessment of on-hand technology relative to meeting the challenges of the Smart Grid environment.
  • Standards assessment - which apply to an organization and the technology they have developed.

We have provided a wide range of services in the IP networking environment across a wide range of service providers, developers and organizations in both the public and private sectors. For additional details see the IP/Telephony, Financial Services & Defense, Service Providers, and Management Software pages. In these markets, we have performed a wide range of services from architecture and engineering leadership to product requirements/needs analysis, project management, third-party vendor assessment and advocacy and standards activity and recommendations.