JDS Management Software

Where the Smart Grid and Internet meet ...

At JDS Management Software (JDS in the quotations below) we take pride in delivering value. Here is what some of our clients have said:

"JDS has the innate ability to grasp, not only explicit customer requirements, but to also create a design which addresses those requirements and is also able to scale towards future needs. Having JDS lead or network management team was a tremendous benefit to myself as well, as I was not only confident in his design, but also in his ability to manage the team to deliver a quality product in the time quoted. JDS Management has my highest recommendation, that I would hire them again in an instant."

Dave Goldblatt - Architect, Ambient Corporation

"When I was at NTT/Verio we engaged JDS on a number of projects. Broad expertise in the areas of network management, software engineering, Internet Technologies, and systems architecture and design poved invaluable to us. The work was always on time, of the highest quality and within the time and cost estimates provided. These projects helped us develop a more effective management architecture that helped reduce network downtime and its accoacited costs." .

Carl Kalbfleisch - Network Management Architect NTT/Verio

"JDS brings knowledge and experience with management software from standards formation through real world implemenation. It's rare to find forward looking development and hard practicality in the same people. JDS Management Software has both. This gave me the confidence that our project had access to the latest standards available while maintaining implemenation feasibility."

Joseph Lapolito - Defense Industry Professional