JDS Management Software

Where the Smart Grid and Internet meet ...

Practical, Deployable and Cost-effective Results

Our architecture and software design work leads to products that are deployed, used, and well liked by our clients.

Smart Grid Accomplishments

Software that we have architected, designed, and led implementation efforts on has been installed and deployed at large public utilities in test programs. In one case, the software has been generating revenue for several years for an equipment vendor. Large California, and east coast utilities have either purchased or acquired the software for test and deployment.
  • Power quality monitoring and event notification/root cause analysis.
  • Broadband over power line communication infrastructure management.
  • Software for in-home/customer premise smart grid devices.
  • Hybrid network backhaul management software (cellular and BPL/RF and wire line communications).
  • VPN configuration/security and integration with third-party service providers - a service creation, delivery and management system.
  • Asset management - discovery and change reporting.
  • Performance, configuration, fault and other event monitoring and correlation..
  • Application framework software architecture.

Accomplishments in the areas of Network, Device, Policy, and Configuration Management

Our architecture and design work has helped our clients in network management develop, ship and deploy software that has not only met with commercial success but has received industry awards and patents.
  • Numerous projects on software that performs device/network configuration management for large scale environments.
  • User interface and integration with third party software systems for routing analysis software.
  • Quality of Service policy based management system for service level control in large distributed environment..
  • Policy-based device configuration systems.
  • Scalable data collection and event analysis system for large Internet Service Provider.
  • Systems for effective configuration and monitoring of SNMP administrative framework security and access control.