JDS Management Software

Where the Smart Grid and Internet meet ...


Jon Saperia, the founder of JDS Management Software, has over 20 years experience in the architecture, design, development, project management and deployment of award-winning software for IP Devices, networks, applications and services. Having developed software and worked on projects in the commercial, defense, telecommunications, financial services, internet service provider, and most recently in the public utility/smart grid sectors, he has a deep background that can be applied to new and old problems.

Joining Internet Technology with the Smart Grid:

Through the experience gained in the data networking world, he has led innovative projects that have resulted in software that has been deployed at large utilities that can help better monitor power quality in the distribution system, detect and isolate failures more rapidly, and be used to facilitate automated meter reading and the applications made possible by that automation.

We are Unique:

JDS Management Software has a unique breadth and depth of experience across industries that includes both operational and product development experience. This is combined with experience gained in over 20 years of management software domain enhanced by 5 years of work with software for large public utilities and Smart Grid equipment providers. As an active participant in a number of standards organizations tempered with real-world experience, I know how and when to apply standards and when to let them mature/evolve.